Meet the NADA 20 Group Consultants

Betsi Bellamy, Dealership Management Consultant

Betsi joined the NADA 20 Group team with 30 years of retail automotive dealership experience. She began her career selling cars and trucks and subsequently served as an F&I Mgr, Sales Mgr, Internet Director, and Sales Trainer. Betsi was approved as a Dealer Candidate with the General Motors Women’s Initiative. As a General Manage for over 14 years, she led multi-franchise operations representing both foreign and domestic makes.

Betsi was a member of an NADA 20 Group in which she served 2 years as Chairperson. She is also pursuing a Master’s of Accountancy focusing on dealership operations and its’ effects on the financial statement and balance sheet. Her experience with a dealership accounting firm as an operations analyst gives Betsi a unique ability for analyzing financial statements for areas of concern, success, or in need of improvement.

Betsi’s life and career have been centered in northeastern Ohio. She views her position as an NADA 20 Group Dealership Management Consultant as an exciting challenge to continued knowledge and growth.

Diane Carnovsky, 20 Group Membership and Operations Manager

Diane joined the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program in 2010 with 25 years of automotive experience.

Diane spent 16 years in a Ford dealership in South Jersey holding various positions throughout her tenure. She then moved to Ford Motor Company where she worked for 8 years. While at Ford she started out as a Zone Manager and eventually moved to be the Distribution Analyst.

Diane is a New Jersey native that now resides in Northern Virginia with her husband and 2 dogs. They have 2 children and enjoy spending time playing golf and traveling.

Mario Clementoni, Dealership Management Consultant

Mario Clementoni is a Dealership Management Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program and he brings to the table over forty years of automotive experience. His career has encompassed every aspect of the automotive industry, including as a dealer operator. Clementoni is excited about being a part of the NADA Management Consultant Team and his ability to assist and guide other dealers and automotive professionals to continue to succeed and flourish in an industry that has provided so well for him.

Clementoni's introduction to this dynamic industry began at a young age in 'the back bone' of the business. He fully appreciates how vital service absorption and control over parts inventory and sales is to keeping a dealership profitable. For the past twenty years he has been a consistently successful dealer or General Manager who understands the nuances of publically held dealership groups and the accountability of being an independent dealer principal.

A former Lincoln Mercury dealer council representative and consultant for Ford Motor Company Dealer Development, he has worked with various manufacturers including Ford, Lincoln (Mercury), VW, Kia, Chrysler/Jeep, Audi, and BMW.

Mario is a private pilot, professional musician and boat captain who lives at the Jersey shore with his wife, Donna

Gary Deurance, Dealership Management Consultant

With over 30 years of hands on experience operating large domestic and import dealerships, Gary has an extensive knowledge of both fixed and variable operations. Gary has recruited, trained and mentored over 50 people who are now Dealers or General Managers in various markets across the country. His teams have turned around underperforming stores into regional and national sales leaders. As an example, Gary recorded 54 straight months of over $250,000 net profit at a Chevrolet store in Texas. Gary is an NADA Subject Matter Expert in the Used Car Department, Digital Marketing, and Internet Sales.

Larry Geohagan, Dealership Management Consultant

Larry Geohagan is a Dealership Management Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program, joining NADA in 1999. He began his automobile career as a Technician in 1963, worked through each of the profit centers, and served seven years in various management capacities at the General Motors Corporation. Subsequently, Larry owned and operated four different dealerships throughout Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee between 1977 and 1999, representing Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat, Isuzu Trucks, Mitsubishi, Plymouth, and Subaru.

Larry's ongoing relationship with 20 Group is evident in the fact that he was a member of several NADA 20 Groups, as well as an NCM 20 Group while a dealer. During his automotive career, Larry served as President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association in addition to being President of the Charlotte Automobile Dealers Association. He served in many leadership positions in his community and is a Rotary International, Paul Harris Fellow recipient.

Larry received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of North Florida, and enjoys golf. He lives in central Florida.

Mike Herbert, Dealership Management Consultant

Mike brought 17 years experience as a 20 Group member before beginning his career with NADA in 2003. His current groups include General Motors, Chrysler, Subaru, and Mazda. He has also worked with Toyota, Volvo, and Ford dealer groups.

Mike began selling automobiles in Detroit, Michigan in 1975. After moving to Colorado, he began selling Chevrolets, eventually becoming a sales manager. In 1980, Mike and his father started Herbert Motors in Longmont, Colorado. It began as a Buick-Jeep dealership, acquiring a Pontiac and GMC dealership, shortly thereafter.

Mike bought his father out in the late 1980's and brought his brother in as a partner. He sold the dealership to his brother in 2001.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Regis University. He has also passed his Series 7 and 66 Securities Licensing exams. Mike also served on Dealer Council and many different advertising boards.

Mike, who lives in Colorado, enjoys skiing, golf, playing guitar, hiking and spending time with his daughter, Kaitlyn.

Butch Hollister, Dealership Management Consultant

Butch Hollister is a Dealership Management Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program, joining NADA in 1997. He began his career in the automobile business in 1969, working his way through the various profit centers before becoming a "third generation" dealer. Butch's ongoing relationship with 20 Group is evident in the fact that his dealership was a charter member of Dodge I.

During his automotive career, Butch served as chairperson for seven years on the State of Colorado Dealer Licensing Board, two years as an Administrative Law Judge, and was the Colorado State Director to NADA. He also served twelve years on the Board of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and completed a term as Secretary-Treasurer during that time. He was a six-time President of the Boulder New Car Dealers Association, a nine-year officer of the Denver Zone Dodge Dealer Council to include three years as its President.

Butch was also involved in the Dodge National Advisory Council for three years and the Dodge National Executive Dealer Council for two years. In addition to his involvement with various advertising councils, he was appointed by the Governor of Colorado to help establish the state's Central Indexing System. His civic activities also include twenty-one years as a Rotary Club member.

He received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Western State College and enjoys trekking and scuba diving. Butch and his wife, Kathy, live in Longmont, Colorado.

Jim King, Dealership Management Consultant

Jim King is a Dealership Management Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program, joining 20 Group in 1995.

Prior to joining NADA-ATD 20 Group, King owned new vehicle franchises in Northern California for sixteen years. Having grown up in the retail automobile business, King has many years of experience in the various phases of automobile retailing, including work as a Market Analyst for Ford Motor Company.

After earning a Bachelor of Business Administration from Purdue University, King embarked on a career to include work with Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mitsubishi, and the U.S. Army.

Since receiving his first horse at the age of seven, King became an avid cattle rancher and cowboy, running his first cowherd in the 1960s. Since the mid-1980s, King has taken a keen interest in cowboy poetry and songs. He resides on Jessee Ranch in Chico, California and has two adult sons.

Jim Kinsella, Dealership Management Consultant

With over 30 years of experience, Jim is a seasoned automotive professional. As GSM of one of New England’s largest Toyota dealerships, he achieved record-breaking sales and profitability. Jim turned-around a struggling Ford dealership as Dealer Principal, more than doubling sales while raising CSI scores above National average. As an effective in-dealership Consultant, he has improved the Variable operations in dealerships nationwide. Jim is an NADA Subject Matter Expert in the New Car department, Finance, and Service.

Brad Lawson, 20 Group Assistant Director

Brad Lawson joined the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program in 2005, as 20 Group Team Leader. His automotive experience includes education, wholesale, and retail.

Brad graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Fitchburg with a B.S. in Education, which led to a teaching career in automotive technology and related industrial education subjects at the secondary level, as well as coaching several men's and women's sports at the varsity level. Following his years in education, Brad traveled as a District Parts and Service Manager for American Motors Corporation until he was presented with the opportunity to purchase a new car dealership. After nearly twenty years, Brad sold his Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep dealership in late 2004. The positive influence of 20 Group did much to influence his decision to come to NADA. Brad views this final challenge as a logical step in a career that covers a lot of ground in the automotive field.

Brad relocated to northern Virginia from the western Maine Mountains and has accepted the lack of a "real" winter here with no regrets.

Phil Levy, Dealership Management Consultant

Phil Levy joined the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program in 2005 after 34 years in the retail/wholesale automotive industry. Phil's career began with Ford Motor Company, then Toyota Sales USA, and Subaru America in numerous field and executive level assignments.

Phil served as Distribution Manager, Merchandising Manager, and Market Rep Manager at Ford; National Truck Sales Manager and Regional Field Ops Manager at Toyota; and National Market Planning Manager at Subaru. In 1987, Phil joined the retail ranks as a General Manager at a Chrysler-Jeep-Subaru dealership in New Jersey and ultimately became Vice President of Operations for this group where he spent 14 years. Prior to joining NADA, Phil was Group Vice President of Dealership Operations for a 15-store dealer group based in the southeast where he had P&L responsibility for five domestic dealerships.

During the course of Phil's career, he has interfaced with more than twelve new car franchises. He is married with two children and is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia.

Wayne Phillips, Dealership Management Consultant

Wayne is a 20 year member of the NADA team. He has been a key contributor to the development of the 20 Group program and In-Dealership Consulting.

His 40 years of automotive experience began in Washington, D.C., where he became GM-VP of a Volkswagen & Subaru store. Additionally, Wayne had 6 years as a VP of Operations for a large dealer group with 10 stores with 14 franchises. Wayne has been a member of two different NADA 20 groups and enjoys the passion, initiative, and commitment shared between dealers and NADA.

He resides with his wife Patricia in Bradenton, FL and enjoys fishing and golfing. Wayne has a Bachelor Degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

George V Nance, Dealership Management Consultant

With over 40 years of experience developing profitable dealerships, George has an extensive knowledge of both fixed and variable operations. After working his way from technician to Managing Partner/GM, he rounded out his career with two publically held companies. George utilizes his extensive in-dealership consulting experience with management teams across the country. George is an NADA Subject Matter Expert in the Used Car Department, Fixed Operations, and Luxury dealerships.

Dick Parrish, Dealership Management Consultant

Dick Parrish is a Senior Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program, and joined NADA as a Dealership Management Consultant in 1999. He began his automobile career at age 15, detailing cars, and then worked in Parts and Service. Through college, he sold cars and later rose into managing Used, New, and the Business Office, becoming General Manager after completing U.S. Army combat tours in Southeast Asia. Dick and his brother assumed control of their father's store in Jacksonville, Florida where Dick served as Dealer Principal, in charge of the sales and business aspects of the dealership for 25 years.

Dick's ongoing relationship with 20 Group is evident in the fact that he was a charter member of NADA's Volvo I 20 Group for 22 years. During his automotive career, Dick served on Volvo's Dealer Advisory Council, NADA's Industry Relations Committee, and in various offices of the Jacksonville Automobile Dealers Association to include President. He was involved in several civic organizations, including the United Way and the Salvation Army. After selling the business in 1996, Dick served as the Chief Operating Officer for a senior housing facilities development company.

For four of the six years that Dick was posted at NADA's home office in McLean, VA, he was a 20 Group Team Leader, responsible for day-to-day management of NADA-ATD 20 Groups. During that time, he initiated NADA 20 Group's Manager Group program. In 2005, he chose to become a non-resident Consultant, so he could move to be near his family.

Dick has conducted Workshops at NADA Conventions both as a Dealer and an NADA Consultant.  He's also made presentations at American Truck Dealers' Association Conventions, and various State, Manufacturer, and Industry Conferences. He's worked as a guest instructor at the NADA Dealer Academy, and done considerable OEM Training. Additionally, he regularly conducts Management Training and Consulting with various automobile and heavy-duty truck Dealership Holding Companies.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from the University of Florida, in addition to completing other post-graduate work. Dick enjoys boating, fishing, scuba diving, and reading. He lives in the Atlanta, GA area with his wife, Pam.

Jerry Powers, Dealership Management Consultant

A former NADA Director and Dealer Academy Graduate, Jerry adds over 30 years of automotive success the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program. Starting out washing cars, he advanced through Sales into Management, culminating as a General Manager and Dealer Operator with multiple franchises. Jerry successfully turned around a struggling store with a half million dollar increase in profitability. Chosen by peers to represent them when it counts, he was Chairman of the Honda National Dealer Advisory Board. Jerry is a Subject Matter Expert in the New Car Department and Fixed Operations.

Jim Prohaska, Dealership Management Consultant

Jim joined the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program in 1988. His 20 Group experience includes Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota.

Jim began his automotive career with the Pontiac Motor Division in 1964. During his nine years with General Motors, he worked as a Service Representative and District Manager in both the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh zones. Following Pontiac, Jim entered the retail side of the business where he served as Fleet Manager, Used Vehicle Manager, and General Sales Manager for a metropolitan Pontiac dealership. Prior to joining NADA, Jim was the Sales Manager for a vehicle conversion company specializing in the construction of racecar trailers.

He received his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Miami University and has taken several post-graduate courses in marketing. He and his wife, Nancy, have two grown children and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mark Rogers, Dealership Management Consultant

Mark Rogers joined the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program in 2005. He began his career in the automobile business in 1980, working his way through various profit centers before becoming a Toyota and Lincoln/Mercury dealer in 1994.

During his automotive career, Mark has been involved in all aspects of the retail automotive industry and has extensive experience with most major franchises and both public and private-capitalized dealers. He was a multi-year President's Award winner with Toyota and "Best in Class" with GM. Mark specialized in turn-around situations for six years prior to joining NADA.

Mark and his wife reside in Ft. Collins, Colorado. They enjoy golf, scuba diving, and riding their Harley. They have two children and enjoy spending time with their five grandchildren.

Mark Ruble, Dealership Management Consultant

Mark Ruble joined NADA as a 20 Group Facilitator/Dealership Management Consultant in 2013.  He has over 35 years of diverse automotive experience working in a variety of dealership management roles in dealerships across the country.  His primary focus has been in the areas of dealership management, dealership consultation, and as an interim dealer operator.

Mark began his automotive career in Michigan working at Chrysler Credit after attending college.  He worked in several dealerships in new and used management positions for the Garber Group in Michigan and opened ‘Saturn of Saginaw’ for the Serra group in 1992 before heading west to Seattle in 1993. 

For the next seven years, Mark worked as a GSM/Executive Manager in Washington, California, and Minnesota.  In 1999, Mark joined BBK Ltd., partnering with Motors Holding.  For the next six years, Mark was brought in as the Interim Dealer Operator to facilitate turn-around operations for 16 failing dealerships, with responsibility for as many as three dealerships simultaneously.   

For the last few years, Mark held the position of Director of Operations at Capitol Chevrolet in Austin, TX, General Manager for two Infiniti stores in the Detroit area (Suburban Collection), and was contracted by GMAC/Ally to facilitate their Managing Retail Operations Classes.

Mark and  his wife Kathy currently reside in Northville, MI.  They like to travel, play golf, spend time at their lake house, and keep up with their 12 year old daughter, Lily.

Don South, Dealership Management Consultant

Don joined NADA-ATD 20 group in 2004. He has 25 years of total consulting and retail automotive and truck management experience. His group experience includes GM, Commercial Medium-Duty trucks, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Subaru, and Volkswagen, and his retail management experience includes Mercedes Benz, Volvo, GM, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Subaru with a focus on departmental profitability.

He is a Certified Instructor for comprehensive service operations initiatives including the Ford Lincoln Mercury Service Upgrade, Field Consulting Approach 3.0, Quality Care Maintenance, and Around the Wheel.

His background has given him extensive experience with customer satisfaction improvement initiatives including Ford Blue Oval Certified, Lincoln Premier Experience, and Mercury Advantage programs.

He is experienced and conversant with ADP, UCS, and Reynolds & Reynolds dealer provider systems, and has worked with dealership personnel to help them enhance their utilization.

Don resides in Pensacola, Florida, with his wife, Leigh Ann, and their two sons.

Jim West, Dealership Management Consultant

Jim West is a Dealership Management Consultant with the NADA-ATD 20 Group Program, joining NADA in 2003. He began his career as a motorcycle salesman in 1971. He later owned a small business specializing in motorcycle maintenance and repair, as well as parts and accessory sales. In 1978 he accepted a position as Service Manager for motorcycles and automobiles at a local Honda dealer, working his way through several positions including Parts and Service Director, General Manager of several Dealerships including, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, and Acura. He spent twenty-three years in the organization, handling such diverse assignments as Director of Special Projects, Risk Manager, and Chief Financial Officer for the Dealer Group. Jim gives a great deal of credit to the NADA 20 Group Program for the successes he has enjoyed over the years.

His last retail assignment was President of Affinity Vehicle Services, a Credit Union Service Organization, providing vehicle location services and leasing to some forty Credit Unions in northern New Jersey.

Jim graduated from the University of Delaware and taught school for several years before joining the auto industry. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Newark, Delaware.

Paul West, Dealership Management Consultant

Paul West has been with NADA, since 1979. His group experience includes Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Lexus, and Toyota. Before joining the 20 Group Program, he served as a Management Instructor for the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy and as a member of the Estate Planning Department, working with more than 3,500 dealers on estate planning and dealer successorship.

Prior to joining NADA, Paul was General Agent of National Life of Vermont and president of Paul West & Associates, a group of insurance and estate planning companies. His fifteen years in the insurance industry began with a sales position at Prudential Life in 1964 and evolved to a Sales Manager position with New York Life in 1966.

Before entering the insurance field, Paul owned and operated three automobile service centers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Paul received his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 1962. He received his Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation in 1963. He is married and has one son and three grandchildren.